Surgical Services

Surgical Services | Periodontal Surgery | Implant Surgery | Wisdom Teeth Removal


Surgical Services

Dental Surgical Services in Louisville, CO

Studio Z Dental offers in-house surgical procedures. We are interested in providing the best of care to our patients. Having these procedures in-house means greater continuity of care for our patients, not to mention the convenience. Our in-house dentist is also trained in biologic techniques. We offer:

·        Periodontal Surgery

·        Dental Implant Surgery

·        Wisdom Teeth Removal

·        Root Canals with Ozone

·        Biologic extractions

·        Dental Ozone Therapy

·        Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

With all procedures, we make it look, feel, and work like your own teeth.

Dental Surgical Services: 

Like all our dental procedures, we always offer the most natural, holistic option possible to keep our clients healthy and safe. Learn more about our holistic dentistry and mercury-free dentistry.

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Dr. Zade Faraj

Dr. Thomas Fow           

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