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Intraoral Camera

At Studio Z Dental, we strive to offer the newest technology to give superior dental care in every way. The intraoral camera poses to be one of the best things that have happened to dentistry as a practice, and a plus to oral health generally. Far beyond the efficacy of dental mirrors, this amazing device possesses a better magnification as well as the ability to share the views from the camera live on our computer screens, to the patient.

The magnification presents the dentist with an easier and better view of everything that is happening inside the patient’s mouth and allows for a better detection of specific details such as cavities and cracks. The images captured, or viewed live, help you, the patient, with a better understanding of the oral condition when discussed by our dentist.

How is the Intraoral Camera used?

The camera is shaped like a large pen which is moved inside the mouth for the purpose of taking videos or photographs. It gives a perfect view for a tooth-by-tooth examination which is simultaneously viewed on a screen. It gives you an enlarged view of your teeth with a full-color view. Our dentist may freeze the view on the monitor for a better observation, enlargement, or to provide the oral photograph for the patient and future records.

The Intraoral Camera is a non-radiation equipment and its operation is painless as it provides a better detection of worn-out teeth, defective fillings, fractured teeth, decay, bleeding gums, etc.

Quite efficient compared to the use of dental mirrors, the benefits of using the Intraoral Camera include:

     Better communication between dentists and patients

The intraoral camera is an added advantage for our dentists to verbally and pictorially explain the exact situation of your oral health. With the aid of the equipment, you can clearly see and understand what is going on inside your mouth in details.

Our patients love the camera because all of the information given by our dentists is backed by substantial evidence you can easily see for yourself.

     Comprehensive records for further use

Since the equipment has the ability to see every part inside the mouth, our dentists can leverage on this advantage to highlight specific areas where treatment may be needed, take photographs, and generate useful materials for further consultations, discussions, and records.

The photographs/records can also be submitted to other dentists/specialists, or insurance companies when necessary.

This is just another way Studio Z Dental offers premium dental care at competitive rates.

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