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Paperless Charts

Technology has advanced the healthcare industry in many ways, allowing for a higher standard in patient care and letting practices function more efficiently. One way in which it has benefitted the healthcare sector is by allowing practices to use paperless charting methods. With this technique, all charts are digital, rather than physically filed, within the office. There are many reasons why this technique is better:

Green. Removing the paper from the process not only speeds up the process, it also saves paper and helps make each practice a greener. Prior to going digital, a substantial number of papers were wasted on hand-filled charts and physical copies.

Convenient. Paper charts had to be printed out, filled in, and filed. For some cases, they would need to be scanned onto the computer while also have a physical version kept on hand. This made for a lot of extra steps that slowed down the entire process.

Efficient. Now, we can more easily transfer records to another practice without having to track down the hard copy and scan it in. This makes for much quicker servicing and more efficiency in the entire process.

Accurate. Traditional charting is difficult to standardize and can lead to discrepancies between dentists, hygienists, and assistants. Digital charting, on the other hand, makes for consistent charting practices. It also eliminates mistakes and misunderstandings that can result from handwriting.

Secure. Paper charts could easily be wrongly disposed of, left lying out, or even kept in an unsecure file cabinet. Digital charts are kept safely and securely stored in a virtual database that is encrypted and out-of-sight from unauthorized users. That makes it that much more secure for extra peace of mind.

As you can see, there are many benefits to this new digital charting method. It’s one of the many ways we go above and beyond here at Studio Z Dental.

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