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Same Day Teeth Whitening - Zoom Laser Whitening

If you’re curious about how zoom whitening could brighten your smile, you’re in luck. Same day tooth whitening services have never been faster or more effective, and they’re actually pretty affordable too. Zoom whitening works by using a bleaching mixture to whiten your teeth, and it’s all done from the dental chair. This method does more than just remove surface stains like at-home whitening products would. This powerful method gets down into the deeper stains of your teeth to reverse discoloration. The result? Within a couple hours (or less), you’ll be walking out with a gorgeous smile.

The Truth About “Quick” Appointments

While many dentists can offer you the same product, not every service is created equal. At our practice, we make sure to go the extra mile to ensure you’re always satisfied with the outcome.

Other dental offices may sit you down and get the whitening procedure completed as quickly as possible. Your teeth will be a few shades whiter and you’ll walk out in no time at all, but when you get home to admire your new smile, you might have wished that you could have done another round of whitening to brighten your teeth a bit more. This happens all the time, and it’s the reason why some dental offices offer this service at a low rate. They know you’ll be coming back in again soon to re-schedule a follow-up whitening (or two) so you can get your teeth to the shade you really want.

We do things differently...

We’ll Make Sure It’s Perfect

If you schedule a zoom whitening at our practice, we will set aside 2.5 hours to ensure that you have the chance to go through the entire whitening process once and then review the results before you ever get up from the dental chair. Once you have the opportunity to look at your whiter smile, you’ll be able to request another round of whitening right then and there in the case that your smile isn’t quite bright enough.

We will repeat these steps until you’re completely happy with the shade of your smile. Once you are, you’ll be walking out of the office with a smile you truly feel confident in!

But, your smile isn’t forgotten about from there. We’ll also provide you with custom home bleach trays so you can continue maintaining your smile. This is included within the service, and if you’d like to use these trays time after time to keep your teeth from becoming discolored again, you can also purchase the at-home bleach mixture directly from our office and our staff will be happy to instruct you on how to get the best results with it.

If you want a perfectly white smile, call our office today and ask about the process. We look forward to helping you! 303-666-7110

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