At Home Holistic Dental Care

Here are our tips to keep up your holistic dental care at home. Keep your teeth and gums healthy all year long. 

We know flossing can be hit or miss with our patients. While there’s no substitute for flossing, if you don’t get to it every day, another way to keep gums and teeth healthy is using mouthwash. Mouthwash can get to those hard to access places on teeth and gums. It can also reduce problematic bacteria in the mouth. 

One of our favorite mouthwashes is Dental Herb Company’s Tooth and Gums Tonic. It works in two important areas, the first is to reduce oral bacteria. It does this with powerful antimicrobial essential oils to kill unwanted bacteria. The second area is healing of the gums. It does this with anti-inflammatory herbs to stimulate healing and repair, as well as more essential oils for soothing and healing. This is available through dental offices, including Studio Z Dental. 

There are many other good mouthwash products at the natural food stores. Look for any with xylitol or calcium, to help remineralize teeth, and bacteria fighting oils like clove or thyme. 

Speaking of xylitol, this is a wonderful product to keep at home for dental care. Here’s info on why it’s helpful for slowing, or even reversing, decay, “If the acid in dental plaque is kept low, then demineralization is slowed or halted. Since xylitol slows demineralization and enables some rebuilding of the enamel, it assists in the prevention of new cavities from forming and over time can reverse tooth demineralization that already occurred.” 

Another important product at home is your toothpaste. Because of the controversy around the use of fluoride and possible negative impact on your health, many avoid fluoride. 

Any toothpaste with Xylitol is helpful because it can benefit the strength of the teeth, yet it is naturally derived and not a chemical by-product like fluoride. Another great product for helping remineralize teeth is “MI Paste”, you can buy this at Studio Z Dental. There are certain minerals that can help protect your teeth and this remineralizing paste has two of the most important ones, bioavailable calcium and phosphate. 

Finally, another wonderful at home dental care product is a night guard. We love these because so many of us clench or grind our teeth at night without knowing it. The night guard takes the brunt of the force at night, instead of your teeth. This keeps your teeth from wearing down, or even cracking, from the pressure. They also benefit the gums and TMJ muscles. 

With these at-home dental tips, and regular dental cleanings at Studio Z Dental, your teeth should stay healthy, strong and bright for years to come. 

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