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Mercury-Free + Mercury-Safe Dentistry

mercury dental filling

Mercury-safe filling removal in Louisville, CO

Mercury-free dentistry is simply not using mercury fillings. While many dentists in the Boulder / Denver metro are technically “mercury-free dentists”, at Studio Z Dental we take it one step further by being 100% “mercury-safe.” What’s the difference? By being “mercury-safe”, we actually follow the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s (IAOMT) protocols to keep you from being exposed to high levels of mercury that are released during the removal process. This is all part of our holistic dentistry philosophy intended to keep you as healthy as can be.

Most people think that having a filling removed is safe, but how they’re removed is what’s really important. Did you know that having a silver filling removed exposes you to mercury levels at least 1,000x the EPA’s safe level of exposure?! When you have this procedure performed in a mercury-safe environment, however, we can drastically reduce your exposure.

Our high tech Swiss purification system (IQ Air) is specially designed to sit close to the mouth area and suck out mercury vapor so you don’t inhale it during the procedure. The “electrophoresis effect” has shown to effectively reduce levels of mercury vapor, creating a greater focus in safety in the dental workplace. We also place you on pure oxygen to ensure you are getting fresh, clean air throughout the process.  It’s so much better for your body and your health, and all it takes is a little extra time and equipment.  Studio Z Dental is one of the few offices in the area that has this advanced equipment and offers such a safe procedure for silver amalgam filling removal.

Learn more about our natural and holistic dentistry, and eco friendly dentistry, and click here to request an appointment for a mercury-free filling removal in our Louisville office.



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