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The SMART Protocol

At Studio Z Dental, we always use the SMART protocol to safely remove metal and amalgam filling from our patients’ teeth. We are part of a small number of dentists who follow this detailed protocol. It is much more comprehensive than what most dentists, even holistic dentists, use when removing these fillings.

It is not a lot more involved for our patients and doesn’t take much more time for you. It’s about what we do behind the scenes to ensure the healthiest procedure from start to finish for you.

Who Is It For?

We employ the SMART protocol whenever removing amalgam fillings. These fillings are made by mixing mercury, silver, tin, copper, and occasionally zinc. They are still used in the United States and other countries around the world. Though they are often called “silver fillings” (primarily due to their color), they are 45% to 55% elemental mercury. However, mercury is proven toxic and poses a dangerous health threat.

Mercury is able to accumulate within the body, and any amount of accumulated mercury is considered hazardous. That’s why removing these fillings is essential to a person’s overall health, but it needs to be done properly.

How Does It Work?

SMART is the protocol recommended by IAOMT. It stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique and we think using it is essential to ensuring our patients’ health and safety.

The SMART protocol involves the following measures:

● Before the procedure, an amalgam separator needs to be installed in order to collect mercury amalgam waste and prevent it from being released into the dental office.

● Prior to the procedure, the patient should be given an absorbent to rinse and swallow (unless they decline, or there is a contraindication with doing so).

● Any room used for removing mercury fillings has a Swiss IQ high-volume air purification system that is capable of removing amalgam particles and mercury vapor.

● The patient can wear protective gowns and covers if they choose.

● All personnel wear non-latex nitrile gloves.

● A dental dam is used to properly seal the patient’s mouth.

● A saliva ejector is used in conjunction with the dam to reduce the patient’s mercury exposure.

● At our office we also have extra mercury filters and an air ionization system. This is above and beyond the SMART protocol.

Additional requirements are also involved both during and after the procedure regarding removal and disposal. All of these steps work to maintain the health and safety of the facility, the staff, and most importantly: the patient.

Why Use It?

The dangers of mercury are well-known, and when removing an amalgam filling, it is essential that your dentist takes the proper steps to ensure that as little mercury as possible gets into the environment. Not following the SMART procedure will allow mercury to find its way onto the patient’s body, onto the dentist, onto the dental assistant, and into the dental office.

This a dangerous occurrence, and we think it is vital to follow the SMART technique to minimize this risk as much as possible.

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