Biologic Extractions

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Biologic Extractions

Biologic Extractions in Louisville, CO

Sometimes extracting a tooth is the best option for patients. We have a dentist in-house who can remove them for you right in our office using the latest biologic procedures.

Biologic protocols for removing teeth include:

· Removing the periodontal ligament

· Debriding the protective calcium perimeter in the bone

· Removing necrotic tissue

· Using ozone in the surgical site

· Adding platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to the surgical site (add-on option)

Biologic Extractions: We intend to ensure our patients' best possible healing and outcomes by taking the abovementioned steps. Like all our dental procedures, we always offer natural, holistic options to keep our clients healthy and safe. Learn more about our holistic dentistry and mercury-free dentistry.

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