Surgical IV Moderate Sedation

Surgical IV Moderate Sedation

Dr. Fow trained extensively to administer Surgical IV Moderate Sedation safely and cost-effectively in the office setting. Dentists who administer
IV moderate sedation must obtain advanced education in anesthesia and regularly undergo a rigorous office anesthesia evaluation and certification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is It?

Moderate sedation is an altered state of consciousness where memory, anxiety levels, and pain perception are significantly reduced. As a result, patients become very relaxed and comfortable during their procedures. Fortunately, from the time moderate sedation starts until patients leave the office, most patients feel like they have been asleep because they cannot remember anything.

How Is Moderate IV Sedation Different From General Anesthesia?

Patients are "completely out" or "put to sleep during general anesthesia."Because the patient cannot breathe independently, an anesthesiologist is needed to assist.

In moderate IV sedation, the patient can maintain their airway, reducing risks and personnel needed. The recovery from moderate IV sedation is easier for the patient as well.

How Will I Feel?

Patients will remember little and generally feel no discomfort. Most people do not recall or feel any part of the procedure, including numbing/local
anesthesia. The sedatives may last for several hours; patients may be groggy most of the day.

How Is It Done?

We administer sedatives intravenously or directly into the vein so Dr. Fow can ensure patients receive the correct amount of sedation.

Am I Able to Drive Home?

Because patients may feel groggy and disoriented, they will need to have someone available to take them home from the office on the day of their
appointment. We cannot sedate patients if they do not have a responsible adult available to accompany them after their appointment.

Is It Safe?

Yes, but you must:

* Let us know about all medications and drugs you take.
* Let us know any medical problems that you may have so we can tailor the sedation based on your needs and avoid serious side effects.

We are happy to provide this service to help our patients to have the most comfortable experience possible.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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