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Root Canals with Ozone in Louisville, CO

If the nerve of your tooth becomes infected or damaged, it may
require a root canal. Don’t worry! A root canal can often save a tooth and protect your smile.

Frequently Asked Root Canal Questions

Are root canals painful?

The root canal procedure itself should not be painful because you’ll be numbed through the use of local anesthetic. 

What is an ozone root canal? Are all of your root canals ozone root canals? Does it cost more?

With an ozone root canal – the dentist will clean out the tooth and perform a normal root canal procedure. Before sealing the tooth, we disinfect the canal with ozone gas.  This is an extra step that we take to assure bacteria is eliminated. This is how we perform all root canals in our office, and there is no additional cost.  We provide all of our patients with the same quality care. Learn more about our approach to ozone dentistry therapy, holistic dentistry, and eco-dentistry.

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