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BPA Free, Gluten Free, and Latex Free Dentistry

Your Louisville, CO, dentist for BPA, gluten, and latex concerns.

With the severity to allergies ever more increasing, it’s important to know what dentists in your local community are sensitive to your needs.  It’s also important to know what local businesses are sensitive to BPA free products to ensure your safety.  Based in Louisville, CO, we are your local dentist for those with gluten and latex allergies and BPA concerns.

What does being BPA free in dentistry mean?

BPA (or Bisphenol A) is a material often found in plastics that resembles the hormone estrogen.  It confuses the body to produce more hormones and has been linked to certain types of cancers. With the transition from metal fillings (due to mercury being found in most metal fillings) to white (composite) fillings, there is a risk of the plastics being used containing BPA.

We’re proud to be your Louisville, CO dentist that uses only BPA free material.

What does being gluten free in dentistry mean?

Being cognizant of what may upset those with celiac disease is important in any business, but especially those that work with products that may be ingested.  In the dental world, that includes polishing toothpaste, anesthetics, and cements.

Our office only uses gluten free products to ensure all of our patients are safe from potential celiac disease reactions. 

What does being latex free in dentistry mean?

You likely know that most gloves are latex, but did you also know that some dental tools, such as polishing angles also use latex? We use latex free (and powder free) gloves, and ensure that all of our dental tools are also latex free.cogn


If you have a sensitivity to BPA or are looking for a latex free/gluten free dentist in Louisville, CO, give our team a call at (303) 802-4313. Also, if you have other allergen concerns, talk with our team to ensure the proper treatment is considered during your visit with us.

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