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Ozone Dentistry Therapy

Oxygen ozone dentistry therapy is one of the most impressive new therapeutic practices for combating periodontal disease.

An increasingly important piece of successful dental care is monitoring and adjusting the environment inside the mouth to make it an optimal place for healthy teeth and gums and a suboptimal place for harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Oxygen ozone therapy does this safely and effectively. 

What is ozone dentistry therapy?

Ozone is a safe and effective way to help treat periodontal disease, disinfect deep decay, disinfect extraction sites, and other serious dental conditions. As ozonation is an effective fungicide, bactericide, virucide, and an efficient way to eliminate parasites, it does the job of several rounds of traditional treatment at once. It helps address the entire biofilm growing in a patient’s mouth.

How does it work?

Oxygen ozone dentistry therapy exposes a patient’s teeth and gums to ozone treatment for a short time, which breaks down harmful microorganisms without harming the surrounding tissue.

What’s the environmental impact?

Ozone disinfecting systems are ecologically safe and energy-efficient, keeping with our long-standing commitment to environmental excellence along the Front Range.

Small steps like these make for a more ethical and sustainable dental practice and let Studio Z Dental in Louisville, CO, continue to proudly call ourselves one of Colorado’s most holistic dental offices.

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