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Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Play sports in Louisville, CO?  Getting fitted for a custom athletic mouthguard can save you thousands of dollars.

Blonde lacrosse player wearing mouthguard during game.

Athletic mouthguards are commonly used in sports to help protect from teeth and mouth injury. What you may not know, however, is that the fit of the mouthguard you or a child use can be the difference in saving you teeth and money. The most commonly used mouthguards are those bought from a local sporting goods store. Although they may do the job in the short term, they typically wear down fast and don’t give a solid fit to help protect your teeth.

Custom-made athletic mouthguards are the ideal way to protect your teeth when playing sports because we can make the mouthguard for your specific needs, which includes determining the following:

  • Age - crucial for erupting and growing teeth in ages 6-12.
  • Sport type - material thickness needs to be considered depending on competition level.
  • Dental history - determining if particular teeth are more sensitive to injury than others, including orthodontic treatment.

Having the proper athletic mouthguard today can save thousands in dental costs. Ready to schedule an appointment to get fitted? Call us at (303) 802-4313 and get fitted today!

Athletic Concussion Concerns

Studio Z Dental is a dental office in Louisville, CO, committed to giving back to the community, so we feel that informing our local athletes and parents about the importance of mouthguards, especially regarding concussions.

Studies have shown that athletes who use the over-the-counter type of mouthguards are twice as likely to suffer a concussion than those who wear a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard. For football parents, it has also been shown that football athletes suffer from the highest number of concussions

The type of mouthguards we are making were created by Dr. Derric DesMarteau, the late Team Dentist for the NFL Oakland Raiders. Gary created these using an ethylene vinyl acetate material to make a two-layer, laminated mouthguard that is thick enough to provide appropriate protection yet not so thick to be uncomfortable.

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