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Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist in Louisville, CO

Having stained teeth can be embarrassing. But don’t worry, they’re extremely easy to fix, especially with Louisville’s top teeth whitening dentist, Dr. Tom, Dr. Jenna, Dr. Zade, or Dr. Thomas.

While many people attempt teeth whitening at home, the best results are achieved by hiring a professional teeth whitening dentist. Working with a teeth whitening dentist is more effective than a do-it-yourself approach and is the best way to get your teeth brighter, whiter, and looking younger. Additionally, the results with a teeth whitening dentist are way faster!

Things that cause tooth discoloration:

  • coffee and tea drinking
  • smoking
  • red wine
  • aging
  • tetracycline

We offer a variety of different teeth whitening and bleaching options. To find out which one is the best fit for you, call the office to schedule your appointment today.

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