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At Studio Z Dental, our practice is built through our patients referring their friends and family to work with us, not by insurance payments or “discounts”. 

Many dentists build their practices through insurance sending patients their way. Those dentists often have to cut corners to make up for low insurance payments. Other dentists get people in the door with “discounts” for dental service, yet those “discounts” can have big price tags long term. In both cases, you are possibly getting lower quality, service and care to make up for the low insurance reimbursements, or “discounts”. 

Read here to find out the dangers of dentists cutting corners to make up for insurance reimbursements or “discounts”. Learn what to look for in a high quality dental office that will offer the long-term best results for your family. 

Dangers of Low Quality Dental Offices 

If the a dental office is setup to treat a lot of patients receiving a large discount on their rates because of insurance reimbursements or “discounts,” that practice will likely choose less expensive dental material and labs to make their bottom line balance out. Less expensive labs and materials mean you suffer, because the low quality materials will break down faster, causing problems down the road. 

So, if you are a cash patient going to an office that accepts insurance plans or “discounts”, you are likely getting the lower quality service, care and materials as well to help the office make up for lost revenue. Fees in both types of offices, in-network insurance and out-of-network, are similar, but the level of care in an out-of-network, no insurance, office is higher, so you get more for your money. 

For example, if you go to a dental office that accepts insurance for a dental crown, you’ll most likely pay a similar rate to a no insurance dental office. But, you’ll probably get a lower quality crown, and less time spent by the dentist to do the work. 

At Studio Z Dental, we see many patients with low quality crowns from other dentists. These patients may need a new crown after significantly fewer years because it leaks. This means a higher risk for infection, not to mention the stress of another extensive dental procedure. The replacement could have been unnecessary, if the work was done properly with high quality materials. 

Learn How To Choose a High Quality Dental Office 

All of our patients are given the highest level of care, materials, and labs. Because we don’t take the low insurance reimbursement, or “discounts”, we don’t have to water down our quality. 

A high quality dental office will go way above and beyond the standard dental offices.

The office will do this with: 

  • Technology will be cutting edge and products will be the highest quality 

  • Dentists will take time for the best care, dental work and patient 
    education to answer all of your questions 

  • Hygienists will do longer cleanings and more thorough work at a gentle 

  • Customer service team will be helpful, friendly and knowledgeable 

By paying cash/credit for your dental work, you the freedom to choose any dentist. Why pay the same rate for lower quality work at insurance in-network offices? Make sure to get the highest possible care and service with an out-of-network, non-insurance bound dental office. 

When you walk into Studio Z Dental, you’ll notice the difference in our quality over standard offices right away. We have modern office furnishings for an uplifted feel, excellent customer service, a non-rushed dental staff who are happy to take time to listen and do quality work, with every single patient. 

We treat the whole patient. With our whole body philosophy, leading-edge techniques and holistic, eco-friendly approach, Studio Z is Boulder County’s best general and cosmetic dental practice for the whole family. 

We are happy to answer your questions and set up your initial appointment. 
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