Cosmetic Dentistry- a Healthier, Beautiful Smile

When you hear the words cosmetic dentistry, you might think about the cosmetic, surface look of teeth. Or maybe it makes you think of what’s for lunch? Because dentistry makes you think of your mouth, and being hungry, and that yummy place you’ve been meaning to try out.

What is cosmetic dentistry and why is it important to read about, when you just want to go get lunch?

Cosmetic dentistry on one level is about fixing the look of teeth. It can make your mouth beautiful again with repairing broken, worn, discolored teeth. Also, enjoy a brighter smile with teeth whitening. This is important because a confident smile speaks volumes.

Beyond the look of teeth, cosmetic dentistry can also be restorative for a properly aligned bite. Missing or broken teeth can cause a misaligned bite. When you bite is off, it can lead to headaches, TMJ, and other problems. A mouthguard can be a great fix for this problem, but addressing the underlying cause in your teeth is also helpful.

When you fill in broken or worn teeth with our bioceramic fillings (materials that work WITH your unique body), your whole mouth, jaw and head can feel better again.

So, repairing that forgotten chipped, broken or worn tooth will help you feel better in many ways.

Cosmetic dentistry, at Studio Z, also includes metal-free porcelain crowns and metal-free implants. Both of these look, feel and work like your own teeth.

These are questions to be addressed when starting cosmetic repairs or whitening:
• What will the changes look like?
• What should I expect through the course of treatment?
• What type of maintenance will be required?

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