Dental Conditions & Treatment Options: Innovative

Dental Conditions & Treatment Options: Innovative Video Education

At Studio Z Dental, we strive to help all of our patients be thoroughly educated on all dental procedures and treatment options. Our patients appreciate the time, care, and detail we provide about their dental health. We know that the more knowledge you have as a patient, the better we can work as a team to decide on the best treatment for your individual health needs.

Educational Videos

To offer the most comprehensive patient education experience, we are excited to announce a new and innovative video series for in-office or at-home viewing of select dental procedures and treatment options.

These new videos allow us to show you, the patient, how and why a procedure is done. You can watch them in the office on an iPad, at home via video link to your email, or even through a text message on your smartphone. Complex clinical issues are clearly explained and easily understood from the images and information presented on the videos. It is a powerful new educational tool right at your fingertips.

Greater Confidence and Ease

Our patients are enjoying having access to these videos, and they report feeling more comfortable with their dental procedures and confident about their treatment options. Since we know dental issues are often confusing and stressful, we are always delighted when our patients feel more confident and at ease.

Increasing Library of Procedure and Treatment Option Topics

Because of the positive response, we have already received, we will continue to expand and build our educational library. Currently, we offer information on several topics such as:

  • Periodontitis
  • Prophy vs. Scaling and Root Planing
  • Prophy vs. Periodontal Maintenance
  • Single Tooth Loss - Implant
  • Crowns
  • Proper flossing and brushing technique

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