Dental Membership Saving Plan

For most people without dental insurance, the only option is to pay fully for all dental costs out of pocket at the time of service. We understand this often makes people delay preventive treatments that are important for their health.


Even for those with dental insurance, it’s an unfortunate reality that insurance typically covers very little. There is much red tape with high deductibles, co-pays, pre-existing conditions, spending limits, just to name a few, leaving most to pay expenses out of pocket.


We have been searching for a helpful solution. We would like everyone to have easier access to affordable, high-quality dental care.


Our new dental membership savings plan is the solution!


This plan is for those who pay out of pocket with no insurance, or those who won’t be using their dental insurance. One yearly fee gives you twice-a-year preventative dental care including x-rays, cleanings, and exams. Additionally, most other services and treatments are 10% off.


The standard yearly fee makes it helpful in knowing exactly how much your routine dental costs will be each year. 


We see this as a win/win for all sides. You get discounted, yet high quality, dental care and we have a way to keep loyal patients happy and healthy!


For all the specific details, see our Membership Savings Plan website page. 

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