Holistic Dentistry Myths & Truths

Here at Studio Z Dental, we are a holistic dentistry clinic. Some people immediately get interested and excited when they hear we are holistic. Others are scared we might be using twine instead of the usual dental materials. 

While this blog post doesn’t speak to all holistic dentists and their standards of care, it does speak to how we at Studio Z Dental go above and beyond the standard dental care. It explains many common myths that people have about our holistic dental care. For instance, we don’t use twine! Read here to understand why we offer more, not less, than conventional dentists. 

Myth #1 

Holistic Dentistry sacrifices quality for the sake of staying natural. 

Truth: Providing our patients with the highest quality materials is our 
highest priority. 

As holistic dentists, we use what is scientifically determined to be the very highest quality for the best outcomes of oral health and overall physical health. We are high quality dentists first. We educate our patients and allow them to choose based on the facts what is best for their unique needs. 

Myth #2 

Holistic Dentistry has less options because they don’t use conventional products or materials. 

Truth: We are proud to be a holistic focused dental clinic because there are more options, not less, for the best materials and products. In some cases, we use conventional materials many other dentists use because we haven’t found a better material. When we do find a better material, or new technology, we use those instead of conventional ones. 

We have a wide selection of products that are superior to conventional ones because they are better for the health of your body, last longer and provide greater success over the long term. 

Myth #3 

Holistic Dentists have dogmatic or extreme views on dental care. 

Truth: Like any doctor, there will variations on views as to the best care and some can be black and white in their thinking. Holistic dentists run the spectrum in terms of the views and practices. 

We believe the best care isn’t black or white, or one-size-fits all. Our approach is flexible, thoughtful and based on scientific facts. We take the time to educate our patients as to the best options possible. Then together with you, we work to find the very best solution to your unique needs and requests. We aren’t extreme. We are pragmatic. 

Myth #4 

If I don’t care about the holistic approach, then Studio Z Dental isn’t a good fit for me. 

Truth: Many of our patients don’t give a hoot about the holistic aspect of our dental care. They come to us because they want the highest quality materials possible, time for education and explanation of procedures, excellent detail-oriented customer service and the best long term success rates for the dental procedures and products used in their mouth. 

We know our long term success depends on satisfied patients. So, we never rush or compromise quality to make a little extra money as that’s short term gain for long term problems. If you care about getting the best possible dental care from beginning to end, then we are a good fit for you and your family.

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