Invisalign: The Clear Alternative to Braces

You know you need braces. Your heart sinks a little thinking about sporting clunky metal teeth for a few years. Then, luckily you heard about Invisalign. Sometimes referred to as the Clear Braces.

Yes, lots of thoughts might have popped into your head while thinking about the amazing alternative to metal braces:

Very common thoughts and questions:

  • “Yay a clear, invisible option to straighten my teeth!”
  • “Wow, maybe no one will know about my braces and I won’t have to go into hiding!”
  • “Wait, but will it make me talk funny?!”
  • “Oh man, how much will those cost?”
  • “Geez, what if it hurts more than the painful metal option?”
  • “Will I have to deal with these for a lot longer than metal braces?”

Here’s the real deal about Invisalign. Yes, they are an amazing alternative to metal braces and no, you won’t have to go into hiding during the process!

Basically they are invisible because they are molded specifically for your unique mouth and have a very thin profile over your teeth. Because they are just snug enough to your teeth, you won’t talk funny and they generally don’t hurt.

If they are painful, then just come back in for a re­check as any pain indicates you just need a simple adjustment.

The length of time for Invisalign vs metal braces is often very similar for both as they each move the teeth incrementally until the proper bite is achieved.

Since they are such an incredible alternative to metal braces, many people think they must cost a fortune. You’ll be very happy to learn that Invisalign is often similar in cost to metal braces, depending on the severity of bite correction. Check out the Invisalign website to find much more info on how they compare to metal braces and a cost calculator.

For many people Invisalign is a dream come true! It is a simple, virtually painless option that allows you to live a normal life. No food restrictions like braces and no reason to keep you from smiling during the whole process. At the end, you get a beautiful, healthy smile.

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