Mercury Toxicity Detox

Why It’s Vital To Your Health

What could be wrong with those little silver fillings many dentists still use? You probably know they contain mercury and have heard that mercury is toxic to our bodies.

If your body is strong and healthy, it can keep eliminating the toxins released from the metal fillings. But, if your health becomes compromised from too many environmental, chemical, viral/bacterial pathogens, then you’ll need help.

The need for those fillings to be removed, and subsequently the mercury toxicity detox protocol to be used, is when your detoxification system has become overloaded and your body is no longer able to naturally clean out toxins. It can start slowly with fatigue, poor digestion, aches/pains and other symptoms. At the tipping point, many people experience a rapid decline in health, all due to toxicity build up and inflammation.

When systemic inflammation has started, your body will have a harder and harder time keeping up. At this point, even a healthier diet, exercise and basic detox protocols might offer a band-aid but the root cause of mercury toxicity isn’t getting cleared out because metals are very hard to eliminate once they have built up to a critical point.

This toxicity can lead to a predisposition to inflammatory (autoimmune) diseases including Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinsonism, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic pain syndromes, cardiovascular misadventures, viral insult, cancers and rapid aging.

Three Phases of Detoxification: From Mecury Detox Fact Sheet by Chris M Turf, R. Ph.

“The process of detoxification proceeds in three parts or “phases”, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase lll. Dysfunction of the human detoxification system is the most common and insidious root cause of toxic element and compound accumulation in the body. True health requires that all systems are functioning and balanced, otherwise the whole system cannot work properly. (1) Heavy metals metabolism and subsequent excretion from the body depends on the presence of antioxidants (glutathione, ascorbate, etc.), which are associated with the quenching of free radicals that often disrupt the activity of critical detoxification enzymes including catalase, peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase (among others).

The glutathione "supersystem" is your body's main detoxification system. Glutathione binds to heavy metals and other toxins, but it requires the assistance of enzymes, antioxidants, and transport proteins. Old age, impaired genetics, poor diet, and toxic exposures of all kinds impair your glutathione system. Efficient detoxification depends on a series of seamless reactions that bind toxins to shuttle molecules and "escort" them out through a series of “doors”. In order for your glutathione detoxification system to operate well, it requires the following three elements. If any one of these three key elements are not operating efficiently, your cells lose their resistance to heavy metals and toxins, so they may accumulate and make you sick:

#1 Adequate intracellular glutathione levels: Phase l: Glutathione synthesis within the cells is an energy-dependent process that requires the availability of multiple functioning enzyme systems, nuclear transcription factors and adequate levels of the amino acids cysteine, glutamine and lysine. Genetic variation and heavy metals toxicities can greatly limit these factors, and necessitate glutathione supplementation to restore adequate levels.

#2 Glutathione s-transferase (GST): Phase ll: Glutathione s-transferase is a Phase II detoxification enzyme responsible for removing the mercury from cellular proteins, then linking it to the glutathione in the cell. An ideal way to optimize the glutathione system is to stimulate the production of the required system components from within the cells.

#3. Fully functioning Phase III detoxification transport system: A series of transport proteins (MRP 1&2 and OATP) are responsible for getting the mercury/glutathione conjugate out of your cells and into your blood, as well as from your blood into your liver and small intestine, so it can be eliminated. Interestingly, Phase lll detoxification can often be considered a rate-limiting factor in detoxification due to the fact that intestinal inflammation inhibits elimination of toxins by causing a strong down-regulation of the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Exposure to certain toxins and heavy metals, such as mercury dental amalgam, contribute to inflammation and the slowing of action of critical transport proteins.

There are multiple schools of thought on how to detox yourself from heavy metals, but few of them closely examine the human body’s innate systems, which are perfectly designed to do exactly this. Maintaining and boosting the three “phases” of detoxification is the most efficient and effective way to supporting your body’s natural detoxification pathways.”

Returning to vital health and wellness.

After eliminating as many toxins from your home and your diet as possible, many people choose to remove the silver/amalgam fillings and replace them with composite, natural colored fillings. Here at Studio Z Dental, we use a strict system for filling removal.

Most people think that having a silver/amalgam filling removed is safe, but how they’re removed is what’s really important. Did you know that having a silver filling removed exposes you to mercury levels at least 1,000x the EPA’s safe level of exposure?! When you have this procedure performed in a mercury-safe environment, however, we can drastically reduce your exposure. Read more on our Mercury Filling Removal Page.

After silver/amalgam filling removal, we recommend a Mercury Toxicity Detox with a trained professional. Many health professionals offer mercury detox protocols. We prefer to work with professionals who use Dr. Chris Shade’s Quicksilver Scientific products. These products are highly effective and on the forefront of current research that effectively works with the 3 Phases of Detoxification is a way no other products can. We will offer a number of excellent referrals for this work. These products have been very effective for our patients. They have also been well documented to be safe and gentle.


Your health and wellness are of great importance to us. We will be glad to help you return to full, vital health.


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