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Studio Z Dental in Louisville, CO, Introduces New Treatment Technology in Their Green Dental Office with Medical Grade Ozone

Louisville, CO (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Studio Z Dental, a family-friendly general dental practice led by Dr. Tom Zyvoloski in Louisville, CO, is now operating a new disinfecting system that utilizes ozone diffusion technology for even cleaner, healthier dental visits.

One of the most impressive new therapeutic practices for combating periodontal disease is called oxygen ozone therapy. An increasingly important piece of successful dental care is monitoring and adjusting the environment inside the mouth to make it an optimal place for healthy teeth and gums and a suboptimal place for harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Oxygen ozone therapy does this safely and effectively which is the reason Studio Z Dental chose to introduce this technology into their practice.

Ozone is an unstable gas that destroys infecting agents by breaking them down on an atomic level. When dry air or pure oxygen is exposed to an electrical discharge it creates ozone. At a tesla generator show or near a lightning strike, one can often smell something strange in the air, which is ozone. Oxygen ozone therapy exposes a patient’s teeth and gums to ozone for a short time. This breaks down harmful microorganisms without harming the surrounding tissue. There are many ways to deliver ozone to a patient’s teeth but the Longevity Resources system installed at Studio Z Dental uses the infusion method of delivery that utilizes oxygen ozone gas to achieve appropriate saturation.

Ozone disinfection systems for dental offices are particularly apt because they are more effective than additive-based disinfecting systems like chlorine. Ozone is a much safer and more effective way to help treat periodontal disease, disinfect deep decay, disinfect extraction sites and other serious dental conditions. Because ozonation is an effective fungicide, bactericide, virucide, and an efficient way to eliminate parasites, it does the job of several rounds of traditional treatment at once. It helps address the entire biofilm growing in a patient’s mouth without giving a distinct advantage to one particular type of microorganism at a time.

While simple to create, it's very inefficient to ship ozone because of its instability. Recent advances in miniaturization technology have allowed the creation of ozone machines small enough to operate in a space as small as a dentist's office. Longevity Resources, the American company that manufactured Studio Z Dental’s system, operates at the highest manufacturing standards and supplies its equipment to some of the greatest laboratories in the world including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder.

Ozone disinfection systems are able to penetrate and destroy infectious agents. They are safe and easy to operate and do not include the addition of toxic substances commonly used as disinfectants. In keeping with Studio Z's long standing commitment to environmental excellence along the Front Range, ozone disinfecting systems are ecologically safe and energy efficient to run.

By purchasing their own medical grade ozone disinfecting machine Studio Z Dental is also reducing the potential emissions that would be required to create and ship in chemical solutions that would do the same job less effectively. Its small steps like these that make for a more ethical and sustainable dental practice and let Studio Z Dental in Louisville continue to proudly call themselves one of the greenest dentist's office in Colorado.

People interested in learning more about the uses of ozone technology in dentistry can find more information in these videos on Youtube produced by noted technology pioneer Dr. Phil Mollica. Several months ago, Studio Z Dental hosted a conference at their offices in Louisville to promote this technology to other Colorado dental professionals. They believe that promoting and educating other dental offices in this exciting technology Studio Z Dental can help make dentistry in Colorado a model for the nation in sustainability practices. Studio Z Dental in Louisville, Colorado is one of the few dentist offices in the Boulder area offering mercury safe holistic dentistry and family, and cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening.

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