Now Offering Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions with CEREC by Sirona Now Available.

Studio Z Dental now offers digital impressions for crowns and Invisalign.

We are committed to keeping up to date on the best, leading-edge technology. What is the reason? We know it is best for your health and long-term success of the work we perform.

Our newest technology is digital impressions, which means you will receive more exact measurements for your crown or Invisalign. Instead of using the old gooey materials, we now take digital pictures of your teeth.

Gooey impressions can have a slight margin of error. The digital impressions produces results with almost no margin of error. The camera has built in anti-shake technology which automatically eliminates substandard images.

The digital pictures offer full color, realistic images of your teeth. You, and the dentist, can view them on the monitor right away. The pictures can be both 2D and 3D.

Your crown or Invisalign will be made with a high degree of accuracy and precision. Since accuracy and precision are two of our favorite words around here, we are very excited about this new technology!

Our patients are thrilled with their long term results. We are happy to talk with you about your questions and needs. Call us at 303-802-4313


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