Out-Of-Network Dentistry Offers Highest Quality

Why would so many of our patients refer their friends and loved ones to our clinic? Because they are thrilled with the quality of care they receive at each visit and each interaction.

We go above and beyond standard dental clinics:

  • Highest quality materials used

  • Use the best labs available

  • Well trained, helpful staff

  • More time spent with every patient, no rushing more time for education AND the procedures themselves

Cutting edge technology and products:

We keep up to date on the very best technology and products. One that gets amazing results for our patients, yet is rarely used in other clinics, is ozone.

The use of ozone often prevents expensive future dental work because it can kill bacteria in deep, hard to reach areas. Our patients get so many benefits from ozone. Ozone is used in deep fillings which decreases post op sensitivity, increases the bond strength of dental procedures and decreases the need for root canals down the road. Ozone is also used below the gums to improve periodontal health. We have a very high success rate in healing the gums and preventing root canals over traditional dentists with both the ozone and Trilogy. Trilogy is a natural product that promotes healing by killing bacteria without elimination of healing cells.

Time for the best care, education and questions

We strive to give as much time as is needed for each patient to get the best care, education and time for questions. They really appreciate the time our dentists and hygienists spend with them. We are never rushed to get to the next patient.

Quality Care:

Many in-network insurance bound dental offices schedule 30-40 minute hygiene/cleaning appointments, we schedule 60 minutes. In-network offices may do “accelerated hygiene” due to deep discounts needed for insurance. This is very incomplete work. This work cannot be done faster because you just cannot get the teeth as healthy and clean in shorter time.  We never do accelerated hygiene.

Patient Education:

One aspect we strive to educate people is in periodontal disease. In the general population, 50% of patients have periodontal disease, but most don’t know it because dentists don’t take time to educate the patients. (https://www.perio.org/consumer/cdc-study.htm)  

So many patients have never been told they have periodontal disease before coming to see us.  It takes much time to educate, so it is skipped. This is VITAL to patients overall health, and should not be skipped. Most people don’t get care for periodontal disease until it’s advanced and hard to treat. This is a problem, both because it affects oral health, but it also affects heart health. Everyone wants to eliminate unnecessary risks to their heart health and getting proper periodontal care is a big step. When our new patients are educated about their oral health risks, other dentists have overlooked, they are so thankful to get this necessary information. These new patients want to get their loved ones in to see us to make sure they don’t have overlooked health risks as well.

Out-of-Network is Quality over Quantity

The bottom line is that in-network dentists often have to discount their quality of work and shorten services because they have to make up for the low insurance payments.

Our patients at Studio Z Dental always get the best materials, products and patient education at costs that are often similar to in-network dentists, because we don’t have to give a lot of our patient’s money to the insurance corporations.  

Our office manager Wendy says it best, “The way we operate is a belief system based on quality of care. I’ve realized from working at Studio Z Dental that out-of-network care is far superior. I’ve been in the dental industry since 1985, and would find it hard to work somewhere else with a clear conscience knowing how far superior our patients care is compared to in-network dentists I’ve worked with in the past.”

We strive to continue to be the best Holistic Family Dental Clinic in the Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Boulder area. To set up your initial appointment, contact us at 303-666-7110.

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