Quality Matters. How To Choose A Dentist.

We’ve built our practice on our patient’s rave reviews and their happy referrals to loved ones. Studio Z Dental is different from run-of-the-mill dental offices.

We want you to be informed before choosing to work with us, or any dentist for that matter. Here is our expert guide to choosing a dentist. Expect the best for you and your family.


5 Key factors in choosing a great dentist.

1. Does your dentist take time to explain each procedure and educate you?

A dentist should be patient education oriented to earn your trust. Many dentists just give you the one option and do it without explanation. Look for a dentist who will help you understand exactly what is going on, and all of your options. This way you can trust the options based on factual information.

It is a wonderful bonus if they use technology to show you what they are seeing. Devices such as intra oral cameras, carivu device, digital X-Rays, etc are beneficial. It is great to “see” the problem. If they don’t take the time to explain exactly what is going on, you should be concerned. This takes a lot of time up front.  Some dentists don’t take the time.  For any dentist who is interested in a long-term relationship with their patients, and not just a quick turn around, the extra time and effort is worth it.

2. Out of network dentists can be positive for you - here’s why. Quality vs Quantity.

Many people with insurance assume their only choice is to go to an “in-network” dentist. This isn’t always the best choice. Dentists who are “in-network” rely on a steady stream of people referred by the insurance company and receive a lower payment in return for the stream of people coming because of insurance. Out of network, or private pay dentists, rely on happy patients to keep their practice going. This is a quantity vs quality issue.

In-Network dentists often cannot take the time to educate patients on options. They have to focus on a high quantity of patients to make enough money, so quality suffers. They have to look at what procedures will pay the best from insurance. You don’t want insurance to dictate your dental care because these procedures are not always what is best for you and your situation.

Out of network dentists cannot survive if they aren’t good!  When people choose an out of network dentist, they expect the best quality, at a reasonable cost and don’t stand for anything else. The dentists don’t depend on insurance companies to send them patients. Their satisfied patients keeps the ball rolling.

Out of network dentistry is not discounted dentistry. The materials, tools and labs are top-notch. When your dentist relies on happy, healthy patients instead of insurance money, you know you’ll always get the best care. Less expensive materials from insurance centered in-network dentists mean a higher risk of the materials falling apart, which also increases the risk of infection when it does break. You want the materials used to be the highest quality so you know you’ll stay healthy over the long term.

3.  Modern office and technology means you get the best in advanced practices.

You want a dentist who cares about staying up to date with technology, office décor and best practices through continuing education. There are always new and better materials, technology and practices that offer you greater health over longer periods of time with higher long term success rates.

If your dentist isn’t investing time and money into the office or into staying current with the best practices, that means you are getting out of date care. It might be technically good, but with modern advances, it can always be better. We aim for staying at the top of the field in every way.

4.  Customer service. You can feel the difference.

Some dentistry practices run with as few employees as possible. This means each person is stretched to the maximum and likely won’t have time to give you and your care as full attention as is needed.

You should feel details are taken care of by the staff. When there is someone for every job, you’ll notice the difference and feel well taken care of by everyone. It is a lot of work to manage and maintain high quality staff.  But if the office is managed well, you will feel this and see it. This shows that the office cares about you and your entire experience from beginning to end, not just in the chair.

5.   Coupons have price tags.

You should stay away from coupons!  This will be made up for in other ways because it has to be for the practice to survive. Dentistry is an expensive business with high overhead.   You can be sure that if you are drawn into a practice with a coupon, you will pay for it later, literally. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

The Studio Z Dental Difference

We treat the whole patient. With our wellness-based philosophy, leading-edge techniques and holistic, eco-friendly approach, Studio Z is Boulder County’s best general and cosmetic dental practice for the whole family.

We offer outstanding service, care and patient education.

·      A conservative approach with focus on patient education

·      Always a focus on quality instead of quantity

·      Care you can trust, always the latest technology

·      Beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic dentistry

·      Friendly staff and caring dentists

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