The Reasons You Need A Dental Exam

At Studio Z Dental, we provide a thorough dental exam after each dental cleaning.

The reasons you need a dental exam, not just a cleaning?

     A hygienist is not a dentist. They have not been trained in diagnosing dental issues, and legally cannot.

     Since hygienists are not dentists, problems that may be caught early by a dentist, if missed, can fester longer and worsen over time. This could possibly end up costing you more time in the dental chair, more money, or greater loss of tooth structure down the road.

     If you choose to have an independent hygienist for your primary provider, you will still need an exam when you come to a dental office. If that hygienist recommends treatment, the hygienist's opinion needs to be verified by our dentist, in a separate appointment. We can then verify their findings and schedule treatment as needed.

What are the important elements of a quality dental exam vs independent hygienist?

Our dentists not only diagnose from the X-rays, we also have significant training in the ability to quickly detect signs of gum disease, oral cancer or other possible oral health problems. We also look to see how your jaws align, and if your bite is correct, at initial exams.

We take a complete dental and medical history before the exam. This is important because there are things that can adversely affect your dental health, including medications or chronic diseases. We will take these things into account to help you achieve the best oral health possible. 

An independent hygienist may not understand the urgency or severity of your dental needs. If we find any cavities, gum disease or any other oral health issues, we will give you a detailed explanation of the steps needed right there on the spot, so you can begin treatment quickly. You may be trying to save money without a qualified dental exam, but may potentially spend more money on a further progressed dental issue, due to delayed diagnosis.

State-of-the-art technology. Don’t settle for less.

At Studio Z Dental, we are holistic and state-of-the-art. Using the best and newest technology ensures that you and your teeth get the highest quality care. We go above and beyond a standard x-ray for dental problem diagnosis with our modern technology.

We use Carivu detection, which is a  “Transilluminating Caries Detection Device.” It is an imaging device that uses near-infrared light to detect microscopic issues that occur in teeth. It is capable of scanning lesions and cracks that may not show to the naked eye or in a regular x-ray, and offers your dentist a way to give you a more thorough examination.

We are also one of the few dentists to offer ozone treatment. Medical grade ozone is a safe and more effective way to help treat periodontal disease, disinfect deep decay, disinfect extraction sites, and other serious dental conditions. Medical grade ozone is an effective fungicide, bactericide and virucide.

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