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How Studio Z Dental Conserves 77% More Water Than Most Dental Offices

Top 4 Ways to Save Water at Home

Water conservation probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a dentist’s office, but there are innumerable ways the dental industry can reduce its water footprint while delivering the most comprehensive dental care. At Studio Z Dental, we’re active about the issue of water conservation so we’ve taken steps to reduce our water use. Here are a few examples of what we've done, and continue to do.


As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly dentist office, Studio Z Dental recently completed an extensive water conservation audit. While we were already operating well within the efficiency levels required for the Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) Water Conservation Area of Excellence we went further by enacting a number of protocols and technologies in our office to improve our water efficiency even more.


One of the more familiar pieces of dental equipment you’ll see in a dentist’s office is the miniature whirlpool sinks used to wash away waste water. Hardly any offices still employ these devices as most opt for the significantly more sanitary and energy efficient mouth pump systems.


Did you know that traditional wet ring vacuum systems use between 350 and 500 gallons of water a day, while dry vacuums use none? That’s why at Studio Z we installed completely waterless dry pumps, the most efficient and ecologically friendly option on the market.


Water conservation is a major topic around the *ahem* watercooler these days, which is why we’re excited to use waterless pumps, which save us more than 200,000 gallons of water every year!


As few as 10% of dental offices around the country have made the update to dry pump technology.  We are proud to say that we are currently saving 77% more water than a typical dentist’s office and we’re constantly improving our own systems to increase that number over time.


Water conservation means more than just dollars and cents; it’s an ethical obligation we all have to our community. It boils down to a simple list of responsible measures people can enact to conserve a precious resource from one generation to the next. Water conservation isn’t about being stingy, it’s about finding the efficient way to use and reuse a limited and valuable resource and everyone can do their part.


Four Ways To Save Water In Your Own Home

Want to improve water conservation in your own home? Here are some quick water conservation tips:

  1. Check for leaks on a monthly basis (and fix them when you find them).

  2. Add a weight in your toilet tank to increase flush efficiency.

  3. Have a professional energy/water use audit of your home.

  4. Learn to read your water meter and read your water bill closely every month. This is not only a good practice for your home economy, it can also help you identify problems or anomalies with your water system.

Of course, you can also help improve water conservation by encouraging friends and local business to help in the effort.  With your continued patronage and support, we hope to improve our efficiency even further and continue to serve the Front Range community for years to come. 

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