Why You Should See an Out of Network Dentist

You take the safety and wellbeing of you and your family’s health seriously. Along with ensuring a balanced diet and exercise or getting treatment for an illness or injury, your choice in your local, family dentist is an important part of this life approach.

Every day, patients choose to go out of network and visit Studio Z Dental to receive quality dental services from expert professionals in a healthy environment in which they are comfortable.

Out of Network Basics

Dental insurance plans help pay dental costs by setting up a network of dentists, under contract to the insurance company, to provide services at a discounted fee. While patients are free to choose a dental provider within the network, many plans also allow patients to seek a dentist outside of the network.

Patients who opt for an out of network dentist are often able to use the available benefits from within their existing dental insurance plan to help offset costs. If this isn’t possible, patients work with the out of network dentist to understand the practice’s service fee schedule or the amounts that insurance does not cover. Working with an out of network dentist can often result in a very small amount being paid directly by the patient.

Why Patients Choose Studio Z Dental

Day after day patients refer to the services received from Studio Z Dental as “the best dental experience I’ve ever had.” This level of patient satisfaction and loyalty is something we take seriously. At Studio Z Dental we’ve made conscious decisions to ensure our practice offers only the highest quality dental care and highest quality dental laboratory services, while conserving resources, ensuring patient safety, and reducing our environmental impact.

Here are just some of the reasons patients choose to go out of network and select a dental practice to become part of their family’s lives.

Expert Services and Treatments

Studio Z Dental is a full-service practice that focuses on the breadth of dental needs for the entire family. A comfortable and relaxing environment, for children to adults to seniors, you can expect unsurpassed quality in teeth cleaning, exams and checkups, cosmetic dentistry, composite resin fillings, implants, dentures, and more.

From safe, ultra-low radiation digital X-rays to oral cancer screening to holistic periodontic care and nutritional guidance, dental care becomes an empowering experience to plan and manage any future treatments that might be needed.

While some dentists offer mercury filling removal services, we believe there is more to do to avoid mercury exposure to patients and the environment. Operating in a 100% mercury-safe environment, we offer mercury filling removal practices that keep you and your family safe, ensuring you are not exposed to mercury levels that can be over 1000 times the EPA’s safe level of exposure during the actual removal process. Following IAOMT protocols and using a high-tech Swiss air purification system, coupled with pure oxygen throughout the process, patients don’t inhale these high levels of mercury vapor released during the removal process. Only BPA-free composite fillings are used that are tooth colored and become almost invisible in teeth.

The practice prides itself on expert services in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. This specialized field of aesthetic dentistry includes veneers, metal-free porcelain crowns, and implants using only biocompatible materials made not overseas but in local labs that support our practice. Restorative treatments help return a functional and aesthetic state for patients with services that include inlays, onlays, and veneers, composite fillings, crowns, and bridges, dentures, and non-toxic root repair restoration procedures.

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Considerable advancement in pain management and accelerated treatment environments are available at Studio Z Dental. Because the focus of the entire practice is on patient comfort and overall health, patients benefit from a unique clinic that offers treatment and services simply not available at other local dental practices.

The goal of dentistry is to create an environment in the mouth that is an ideal place for healthy teeth and gums, not a place where harmful bacteria and microorganisms can thrive. Oxygen ozone therapy is a quick, painless, and short procedure used to break down destructive microorganisms without harming surrounding tissue. A safer and more efficient way to treat periodontal disease, unlike disinfecting systems such as chlorine, to treat the entire biofilm in the mouth and act as a fungicide, bactericide, and virucide to eliminate parasites.

Eco-Dentistry and a Holistic Approach

While Studio Z Dental offers the best and most advanced dental treatments in the area, patients often go out of network for services because of our overall healthy approach and respect for the environment in which we live and work.

Studio Z Dental is the only general dental practice in the Front Range with Eco-Dentistry membership and certification. The changes to our practice are many, from operating in a paperless office to conserving hundreds of gallons of water every day to using non-toxic cleaning and sterilization techniques throughout the facility.

Our holistic approach to patient health, dental services, and the environment have made us not only a unique practice, but one in which patients seek us out every day for their, and their families, overall dental health.

Next Steps to Better Dental Care

We would love to work with you as you make decisions about your out of network dental service options. Our policies are designed to provide you with the ultimate dental care that goes beyond your expectations.

We offer clear fee schedules for all services, we work with you to understand your dental insurance policy options, and we will provide specialized and direct assistance for your insurance provider. While we cannot assure insurance coverage is available depending on your particular insurance plan, you can rely on us to help make the process easier so you can benefit from out of network choices and options.

Call us to schedule an appointment, set up a consultation, or tour the facility and see why hundreds of other families in Louisville, Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, Westminster, and beyond go out of network to join Studio Z Dental!

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