You Get What You Pay For In Dentistry

Quality Vs. Price

When choosing a dentist, it is important to decide on your top priority in making the decision.

Most people’s top priorities fall in the two categories of:

  • I want the very best for my dental and overall health. I won’t compromise for discount rates or insurance restrictions.
  • Money and costs are most important. I’ll choose to go with my insurance and those restrictions, or the discount dentist, offering the coupon to save money.

What Sets Us Apart From The Average

At Studio Z Dental, our aim is to offer the very best dentistry, at a reasonable price, for tremendous long-term value, period...exclamation point!

Studio Z Dental is not here to win at the “who is the cheapest” competition. We aren’t even trying to compete with run of the mill dentist, as most of them are happy to be average, so they can cut costs. The level of quality we provide would just not be possible if we were contracting with discount insurance companies or offering coupons.

We understand that dentistry is a big expense. For those who consider cutting costs the very most important factor in their decision, it can seem best to get the work done cheaper. Discount dentistry is often cheaper in the short-term, not the long term.

We see new patients at our office all the time who have gone to discounted dentists or a random dentist in their insurance plan, and we’ve had to redo that dentistry. It is sub-par work because the dentists feel the need to work to quickly, and/or use low quality materials and cheap labs in order to keep a profit. As a result, the patient ends up paying twice for the discount dentistry because they need the low quality work fixed by us. Not to mention, they have to be in the chair twice and go through the stress of the procedure twice.

Pay once, a little more? Or go the cut rate route and maybe pay twice.

Most people go to McDonald’s because it’s cheap and easy. No one goes there because it makes them feel great. We all know in the long run it is bad for your health.

We aim to help our patients feel great in the long-term. Some people see us as the gourmet restaurant, out of their reach financially. In reality, we are much more like a wholesome organic meal. We take the time to make sure the end product will keep you healthy for the long term without unnecessary extras, so we can provide excellent value.

If you have insurance, the good news is – those with quality dental insurance get excellent coverage at out office, in fact, with most of our top insurance companies – 97% is covered on the initial visit. This means, possibly very little out of your pocket for top notch dental care.

As one patient said, “Studio Z Dental isn’t in network but my insurance covers most of it. I’m ok to pay a little more for customized and natural care.” - Sandra C.S.

The reason our doctors and staff enjoy practicing the way that we do is because we get to provide patients with the highest quality care, with their best interest at heart. When you have a basic insurance plan, it doesn’t equate to quality dentistry. It is a basic service. We practice above the standard of care. Which is less costly in the long run. The outcomes are greater and last longer.

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