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Digital Impressions with CEREC by Sirona 

Our new in-house offering allows for more exact measurements for crowns and Invisalign than other impression materials, without the gooey discomfort of the typical impression procedure.

By taking digital pictures of your teeth, this device allows us to serve patients better than ever before with a quick, simple, and goo-free impression method for crowns and invisalign. Created by Sirona, a pioneering company in the dental industry that has been offering innovative products for nearly 30 years, this revolutionary device allows our dentists to take “digital impressions” of your entire mouth.

How It Works

If you’re curious to know how this product is so accurate, the secret is in the handheld device. This painless new process is completely touchless, and all it takes it holding your mouth open for a couple moments while our dentists run the CEREC around your mouth to take your new highly accurate digital impressions. The device contains a slim, rounded tube that contains a camera for easy rotation inside of your mouth. The actual camera tip is tiny, allowing your dentist to place it anywhere inside your mouth to take a quick and accurate “impression” of your tooth.

The Benefits

This new method is far superior to the old method of physically taking an impression. This unique design allows for a full-color, real-time, and realistic image of your teeth to be shown on the nearby monitor for the easiest process possible. This brings a whole new level of clinical confidence to the dental office and, more importantly for you when getting fitted for a crown or Invisalign.

This specific device captures precise images easier than ever before. The CEREC Omnicam offers more benefits than the traditional CAD/CAM system and adds patient convenience by employing a quicker, more effective process to take a digital scan of your mouth. As the patient, you will benefit from:

      The device’s ability to record both 2D and 3D data for the most accuracy with the least amount of time and fuss..

      Anti-shake technology that will automatically eliminate substandard images, meaning the highest quality results for you!

      A uniform field of illumination inside of your mouth so your dentist can do their more precise work.

You’ll be enjoying all of these benefits while increasing the end result accuracy! If you need a crown or Invisalign, call us to set up your appointment. 303-666-7110


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